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The Story of Tales


Each of the Tales labels illustrates a tale chosen from the favourite story book of Nelson Mandela, a legendary figure in South Africa’s history.

We pay tribute to him through this range.

The Ghost Ship - Tales

The Ghost Ship


Exuding intense aromas of red fruits, dried fruits and liquorice, Pinotage is South Africa’s iconic grape variety, just like a certain ship, the legend of which originated in the Cape in the 18th century. Its captain went in league with the Devil and was doomed to sail the oceans with its crew forever. Our Pinotage is devilishly good and sails the seven seas in search of real pirates who will truly appreciate it.

The Snake with 5 Heads

Cabernet Sauvignon

Just like the untameable snake with five heads, which Zanyani showered with true love, our South African Cabernet has been nurtured with all the know-how and love needed for it to fully express its ripe fruit and spice characters, all wrapped in polished tannins. Through her courage and virtue, Zanyani broke the spell, releasing the snake from its scales and allowing it to turn into a tall handsome warrior.

The Snake with 5 heads - Tales
The Sun, a Bushman Legend - Tales

The Sun, A Bushman Legend

Chenin Blanc

The Sun, a Bushman Legend, is a radiant tale that has been music to the ears of South Africans since the 18th century. The legend tells the story of the origins of the sun, which in times gone by was a man whom the people sent into the sky so that he could bring light and warmth to the entire world… This Chenin blanc draws its fruity aromas from the generous, rich South African sunshine, which allows the grapes to imbue the wine with white-fleshed fruit notes and remarkable roundness.

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